Design and artwork specifications

Uploading Designs: The Basics

If you’ve already created your files for print, take a quick look at these guidelines before you email your artwork and place your order. It might save you time - and should help ensure your artwork is in the best possible format for print.

4 Rules for Designing the Perfect Fit

1st Rule For Designing


Make sure you’ve accounted for the ‘bleed’ in your design, filling this area with any background colours or images so that the colour goes to the edge leaving no white margins. Ensure all important parts of your design (such as text or shapes) are kept within the safe margin area, preferably 5mm away from edge.

2nd Rule For Designing


Where possible designs featuring graphics or text should be submitted as vector based PDFs. To keep your text in vector format, we recommend applications like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and more recent versions of Adobe Photoshop. Please note, saving text in JPEG format could result in ‘fuzzy’ edges.

3rd Rule For Designing


When your design features a combination of photography and text, make sure the photographs included are 300 dpi @ 100% sizing. If you are not sure about the quality or size, please ask our design team to check for you and we will let you know if the image is high quality and will print out perfect, or if it will need to be replaced.


Supply your final artwork as a high quality PDF, with 3mm Bleed and Crop Marks (3mm away from edge). Do a final checkover for sizing, colour conversion, image quality, fonts are converted to outlines and bleed is included. Once this is all checked, we will do a final run-through in our prepress department and start proofing.

If you’ve already created your files for print, take a quick look at these guidelines before you email your artwork and place your order. It might save you time - and should help ensure your artwork is in the best possible format for print.

PDF Files Preferred

When preparing your press-ready PDF files for Accent Print and Copy to print from, please ensure that:

  • Your artwork is the correct size to what you have ordered (click here for dimensions and measurements of sizing).
  • Include 3-5mm bleed on all sides of your artwork. Please make sure background extends into the bleed area, the bleed ensures unprinted white edges after trimming.
  • Please make sure all important information and graphics are kept a minimum of 3mm away from the trim area, otherwise you risk losing it.
  • Ensure that there are crop marks (outside of your bleed area).
  • PDF is exported as High Resolution or Press Quality.


Images are best taken on a quality camera rather than a smartphone. Images from the internet generally are not high enough quality for print.

  • All of your images are CMYK, and NOT RGB. (We cannot guarantee accurate colour conversion from RGB files when they are processed ready for plate/print  production).
  • Image files should be flattened if created in Photoshop. 
  • 300 dpi resolution at 100% which includes bleed all the way around.
  • Do not embed profiles.
  • If a particular setting is required, ie, for newsprint, We will adjust at the artwork stage.

Colours and Fonts

  • All fonts have been converted to outlines or embedded (use only Postscript fonts or outline your True Type fonts).
  • Specify spot colours if needed in artwork
  • All colour modes must be converted to CMYK. We will not take any responsibility for print results like discolouration or unexpected outcome when you supplied file as RGB or PANTONE.
  • Black to be 100 K only if one colour, or for a Rich Black set these values: 80/80/80/100 in your CMYK palette.

Last Notes

Avoid using the following programs for design/artwork print ready files:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Publisher
  • PowerPoint

These programmes are not suitable for high-end artwork, design or printing.

However, if you are supplying a document for us to produce artwork, a Microsoft Word file is great for text or content. Please supply high quality images separately in a titled folder. We will then design your artwork in our programs and start the proofing process.

Accent Print and Copy can accept finished art in the programs listed above, but a cost factor will be incurred with all artwork and accuracy of output cannot be guaranteed.

We will, however, use the content of the files for re-design to your brief, subject to sighting supplied material.

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