Tips for Brochure Printing Services

You might think that brochure printing services are redundant in the digital age but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, brochures are still being delivered to people’s mailboxes and many people still like to visually see the brochure and read a paper-based one rather than flick through online. A well-designed brochure is an effective way to market your business and include all the products that you wish to advertise at that time. Designed to stand out from the crowd, your brochure for brochure printing services can be a hit with the community and those who receive it and you want an effective design with visual aids, brief copy content and easy to read information and details on products and services. A professionally-designed brochure for printing services with Accent Print and Copy can be a lead-nurturing opportunity for you. To make your brochure design effective, know your objective and goal of the brochure. Is it to sell products and services or is it to provide more information on the business or not-for-profit organisation? Is it for a particular event or trade show? Choosing a design boils down to knowing your target audience and customer base. Choose a design that is a good fit for your audience and ensure that it is attractive and aesthetically-appealing for your clientele. Being creative and unique with your brochure printing services is important too as quality printing services can provide you with a brochure that is unique and creative to appeal to the audience and stand out from the crowd. Choosing fonts to be used should be restricted to a few fonts rather than multiple as that can deter customers away. It’s a brochure not a book so get straight to the point with your brochure and ensure that quality printing services are engaged to ensure that the brochure is of sound quality. Avoiding big words is important for your brochure and using layman terms and easy to comprehend language is integral. Choosing quality printing services is also integral as you need your brochure to be of quality material rather than subpar.

How to Design the Effective Catalogue

For catalogue printing services, catalogue design matters. You need to have an eye-catching, aesthetically-appealing design and smart layout. When selling products and services in a catalogue, watch out for the language used and ensure that it is easily comprehensible. Use appealing images and organise your catalogue so it makes sense in the eyes of the target audience. If your target audience is younger people, use a theme that ties in with this and if they are an older crowd that you are aiming to tailor the catalogue for, then use a theme appropriate for them. Make your products stand out from the crowd and draw attention to them through making images salient and the detailed description easy to read. Use quality printing services as this is important for your catalogue so you don’t have lower quality catalogues that people find a deterrent. Images are the integral aspect of your catalogue so make sure that products you really want to sell have high-quality images and these type of photos will attract customers. Ensure that the photos are equipped with good lighting for the product and ensure that the resolution is sufficient.

Tips on Flyer Printing Services

With flyers, it is important to keep the content brief. You only have a small amount of space on a DL or A5 flyer so with flyer printing services, keep the content to a minimum and use a solid high resolution image or design. Engage with a graphic designer or use Accent Print and Copy’s graphic design service for your flyer and ensure that your flyer stands out from the crowd. Don’t use paragraphs as this can deter clientele and make it hard for the reader to be appealed by the flyer. Divide your content into digestible portions so that it makes it more appealing to the recipient. You can use bullet points and infographics for your flyer and ensure that you engage with quality printing services such as Accent Print and Copy’s printing services to ensure that the audience knows you value them with quality material. Use a catchy headline and add a call to action at the end such as “call now” or “order now”. If you have a physical location that you wish to share on your flyer, don’t forget to add directions or a map showing your locality. Include your contact details and proofread your content before sending it off for printing services. Use effective language that suits your target audience and don’t use big words or fancy language that they might not understand. If your business or charity has a colour scheme, use the theme to match the flyer with the branding so that is easily recognisable by clientele. Limit your font to one or two different fonts rather than multiple as this can deter the audience. Incorporate your logo as part of the design of the flyer and distribute it in high traffic areas such as business localities or in residential areas.

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