Why Quality Printing is Important on your Banners

Accent Print and Copy is synonymous with quality printing services such as posters, leaflets, business cards and banners. For printing services on banners, there are important considerations for quality control. It is important to use your brand’s colour scheme on your banner to ensure that it is consistent with other promotional materials. If your logo is a certain colour, match the text colour of the banner with this to ensure that the logo and text stand out from the background. It is salient to keep a consistent colour scheme and format across your marketing materials. Another important consideration is the placement of the text. Never place the most important text at the bottom of the banner as people read from the top down. You want to catch the audience’s attention long enough to read further for the contact details which are important to have on the banner. Printing services with Accent Print and Copy are important to consider as we produce outstanding quality work on banners. We can provide you with information on how to optimise your banner such as being sparing with information. Don’t overcrowd your banner with too much information that can be utilised in brochure printing services or flyer printing services. You should avoid flooding the audience with text and simply include your logo, important text and contact details. Display your contact details along the bottom which is where the audience will expect them to be. That way they know where they are looking for to gain your contact details. Place your logo at the top of the banner particularly a pull up banner. On a pop up banner, be careful to ensure that the most important information is to the left as readers will read to left to right as well as top down. Get your banner professionally designed and then engage with Accent Print and Copy for quality printing services.

Benefits of Banners for Marketing

Banners are a fabulous way of advertising your business or organisation. Banner stands and vinyl banners make a massive impact on your shop/retail store. You can promote specials and engage with the audience through effective colour scheme and text placement. This is a definite benefit of banners for marketing. Quality printing services with Accent Print and Copy can ensure that your banner really stands out from the crowd. We understand that you want to make an impact with your banner and that’s why we ensure that our printing services are top notch. Banners are a visual aid to draw customers to your shop and let them know of your special offers. Another benefit of banners is to make it king of your point-of-sale (PoS) area; in a retail environment, the impact of this is huge. Banners can act as a silent salesperson directing customers around the retail store. Ensure that your banner is of the highest quality with Accent Print and Copy’s printing services. Visuals should be with a high-quality print finish to ensure they stand out. The large area of a banner should allow you to promote your unique selling points of USP. Use this space to highlight the advantages of your product or service and reflect the price. You can reinforce your brand image through the banner space. A final benefit to choosing banners and our quality printing services is that banners can be stored relatively easily. They take up not much space and are an ideal marketing tool for seasonal promotions.

Why Accent Print and Copy?

Why choose us for quality printing services you might ask? Let our clientele speak volumes about our quality service. Matt Thurlow says ‘best service and quality is what you get here. They do just about everything. Highly recommend’ while Aaron Whyte reviewed Accent Print and Copy with ‘excellent service. I needed an urgent printing and ring binding job done and they came through for me well ahead of the deadline’. Our valued clientele are testaments to our exceptional service, ability to meet a deadline and ensure that quality workmanship is achieved. Tom Astill says ‘fast effective and friendly professional service, we had time sensitive job to be achieved and the team ensured are targets were met, thank you’. We are efficient and offer a smooth process with Accent Print and Copy; you won’t be disappointed in our quality printing services.

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